Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dave Pasternack

Dave Pasternack is Narley.

This whole
Dave Pasternack hype is one huge link bait campaign IMHO. I know that Dave Pasternack might be offended by the new SEO contest about Dave Pasternack, but unlike Dave Pasternack, I can apprecaite the subtle humor and indulges in this industry, and I hope Dave Pasternack can one day see that too, thats even to take into consideration that Dave Pasternack even feels that way.

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By: Draiken


Anonymous said...

Dear Draiken,
Don't be so sure I don't have a sense of humor about this. All's fair in Love, War, and SEM, after all!

Dave Pasternack
Did-it Search Marketing
(shameless plug: please visit my new online store).

paisley said...

All's fair.. Dave Pasternack.. March 1st..
maybe if we show pictures of your house, a copy of your credit report, a nice doctored picture of your wife, etc...

then again Dave Pasternack..All is not fair in SEO.. some of use follow the rules.. and thos that don't or can't Do PPC.. like you Dave Pasternack